[category]Category: Territories[/category]Regions in Elseland are large player-defined territorial areas that are based on biomes. Often times very large biomes may be split into multiple regions by geographic formations, rivers, or player-created borders. Regions are generally named based on the biome they encompass, such as Snowberry Forest or Dusty Dunes Desert. Disputes involving regions that cannot be worked out between players can be arbitrated by one of the server Administrators.

Types of Regions

===Controlled Regions===
Controlled Regions are a special type of region created by 1 or more players. Gaining control of a controlled region requires a great deal of player effort, and players must demonstrate 5 key things before they will be granted control over a region.

  • Players must have at least 1 City that has at least 51% of the city borders inside of the region.
  • Players must build and maintain infrastructure (roads, etc) within the region.
  • Players must name, fix up and maintain all the villages in the region.
  • The region must have no unrelated player projects active inside it.
  • The region must be an unclaimed region (cannot be controlled, neutral, or special).

Player regions are generally smaller than normal regions, and are typically sub-divided off of a larger region. Controlled Regions cannot exceed the size of the biome they are being created inside of, but will often times be smaller. The size of a controlled region will generally be determined by administrators when authority over the region is granted.

Once a player has fulfilled all the requirements for taking control of a region, the players must talk to an administrator, and can then choose to name the region, which will appear on the world map, along with any villages and landmarks within the region.

Owning a controlled region grants the following rights:
  • Authority over who can and cannot build inside the region.
  • Authority to enforce building codes inside your region.
    • This may apply to infrastructure connecting to your region also.
  • The ability to name the region on the world map.
  • The ability to name villages, towns, cities and landmarks inside the region on the world map.
  • The ability to request WorldGuard region protection inside the region.

Owning a controlled region does NOT give you the right to:
  • Destroy existing structures, towns, or landmarks in the area.

Neutral Regions

Neutral regions are regions where anyone can build. They may be areas where community projects have or will been done, such as the Spawn Town, or areas with Capital Cities or World Dungeons. Neutral regions can be built in by anyone as long as the local building code is followed, and cannot be claimed by any single person. Building codes in neutral regions are generally defined by either a consensus on a community project, or by the people already building there, and should be respected.

Since neutral regions can be built in by anyone, you should avoiding destroying or vandalizing other people's work without their permission. Doing so will be considered griefing and is against the rules. Violations of Building Codes or structures that appear to be griefing should be reported to a moderator.

While it is not possible to gain authority over an entire neutral region, it is possible to gain control over a smaller area inside the region by creating a Township.

Special Regions

Special regions require Admin permission to build in. They are generally heavily-terraformed areas and may contain special biomes made by the server admins. Special Regions usually contain World Dungeons or serve some kind of special purpose.

It is possible to create a Township inside a special region, but this requires admin permission.

Unclaimed Regions

Unclaimed regions are areas corresponding to biomes that have either not been explored or have not met the requirements to become any other type of region.

Purpose of Regions

Regions exist to help define players' area of influence in Elseland, and are sometimes important in figuring out territorial-related issues. They help to ensure players can build in a reasonably large area without having to worry about others interfering with their projects, and help define areas where certain Building Codes apply.

It is important to note that regions are only enforced by Administrators, not by any kind of automation. Administrators will in most cases try to find a reasonable middle-ground in cases where region disputes are unclear, such as two people building in the same area without even realizing it (possibly because the biome is that big). Petty disputes involving regions are highly looked down upon -- players should make every effort to build together and share areas, especially because they are so large.

List of Regions

Region NameCapital CityTypeOwner(s)
Dragonveldt (+Autumnburn Forest, The Chocolate Plains)Dragonveldt CityControlledAshijin
Dusty Dunes DesertGomorrahSpecialKing of Bones
Snowberry ForestSnowberry CityControlledNitedream
Solenvale ForestSolenvaleNeutralN/A
The Carrot Bay Collective (Neeko Desert, Falling Mountains, and Carrot Town)Carrot TownControlled200found

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