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Hey guys, Ash has updated elseland to 1.10 !!! There is a small exhibit sponsored by carrottown, on display behind the royal palace in alliceum, of some of the new blocks and mobs. theres now a netherwart block (very red and cool looking), red nether brick block (not like old school marroon), a bone block, and the coolest looking MAGMA block!!! also on display are 2 polar bears which spawn in icy worlds. If you have F3 open, pushing F3 + G will show u all the chunks ur in as u move thru them. Theres 2 new mobs in addition to polar bears, which are husk zombies and stray skelletons. but they took the eggs out for now (mojang did) so u cant spawn them yet at least not with eggs. but they are on the server. lots more cool things check it out! --jaymee
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